Why Are Men So Envious Of Female Orgasm?

If a man ever asks you what women’s orgasms are like then you might want to tell him something like this: At its peak female climax is a body pulsing, toe curling magical explosion. Like a massive wave breaking spectacularly all over your body, a tsunami of spiritual proportions and a pure rush of orgasmic energy!

It’s not really surprising that some men are very much in awe of the beauty and sheer magnitude of female orgasms. And why wouldn’t they be when they’re merely a witness to the clitorally energized mystical boom when a female climaxes over and over again?

And it’s no wonder they are a little envious, with some mesmerized men being so taken by a women’s orgasm they have even likened looking in to her eyes as she climaxes with looking directly in to her soul

So it’s not really that far fetched to consider with the overall wonder and total exhilarence of womens orgasms that maybe, just maybe the female climax is actually better than men’s!

I Love Female Orgasm

To begin with, let’s look at the frequency between the male and the female orgasm. Men are definitely in the lead on this one and there may have been times when you even wished you could orgasm as quickly and as often as they do. But have you ever entertained the thought that womens orgasms might be more powerful and fulfilling simply because they are less frequent?

And while the male orgasm certainly has its own merits and is generally less labour intensive, how magical can it possibly be when you’re merely knocking one off as a necessary function to get you through your day? It’s no wonder that some men get to the point where they loose any sort of thrill when their body is urging them to ejaculate rather than orgasm.

And even though it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due and recognize that masturbation for men is not the same as actually making love with a partner, the bottom line is men only have sex organs for pro-creation. So when they’re tired of the persistent nagging urge to sprout their manly seed only as part of if evolution master plan, it might be nice to have and orgasm for the hell of it, just like women can.

Women’s orgasm is a lot more powerful than what you may have ever imagined

For one, science is at odds to explain why women experience orgasm at all with the clitoris playing no part in the baby making process. Sure, its pleasurable feelings can assist in getting you in the mood to pro-create, but it has absolutely no bearing on reproduction. And although having an orgasm feels great, it also doesn’t play any hand in driving maternal desire.

According to Brittany Putnam That magical tingly sensation and eventual full body boom is definitely something to be proud of and hold sacred only to you. Because the simple fact is, women’s orgasms are designed purely for your pleasure and without an evolutionary purpose, some are even of the opinion that female climax is actually a vessel to connecting with a higher power.

Whether you believe this is true or not, there’s no doubt about it, womens orgasms are nothing less than amazing. And even if your orgasms are huge full body experiences or are smaller and more frequent, the release of orgasmic energy and endorphins have you buzzing with a revitalized happiness and an over all well- being.

So even if your partner orgasms more than you do, when it does happen so magically and powerfully for you, he’s going to be wishing he could have at least one of what you’re having!

Simply womens orgasm is designed purely for pleasure, and when a woman is in touch with her body often it’s a good indication that she’s also connected to her spirit. And it’s because of the endless ripples and heavenly bliss when a female climaxes that some are of the opinion that women are actually connecting with the divine during orgasm.

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So there you have it ladies. We already have one up on men with the ability to achieve multiple orgasms, So it’s not really a stretch to consider that womens orgasms could actually be more fulfilling, more powerful and overall far more orgasmic than men’s!