Preparations for EEG

EEG or electroencephalogram is a process through which brain waves of certain persons can be measured with accuracy. Human brain is filled with neurons and from one neuron to other ions is travelling with information creating a voltage and electric poles. This electricity is measured with special equipment and the process is known as EEG.

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The equipment consists of electrodes which are small metal disks that are attached to the human scalp to find electrical activity that happens inside brain. This is also referred as brainwaves. Even when a person is asleep brain is still active and has electrical properties. EEG is a fine technology that has made a futuristic advancement in discovering the characteristics of human brain and its nature.

Causes of use of EEG

  • After any type of accident if the head was injured or not EEG is used to check it. It’s a great process through which one can instantly know if the brain damage is done or not.
  • Tumor or brain cancer can be found out by the amazing EEG because of its accurate efficiency. Measuring brain waves doctors can diagnose several problems of brain.
  • EEG enables us to discover the working procedure of brain and its activity in various situations. Sometimes it’s not only used in medical purposes but also to detect criminals the EEG device is used as a lie detector.
  • Loss of consciousness is a harmful problem that can be checked with the help of EEG.
  • When a person is in coma in past we were unable to know if the person is really alive or not. But now with advanced medical devices such as the EEG we can surely know if the brain is active or not to ensure brain-death.
  • Various mental and physical disorders can be diagnosed and treated with the help of EEG.
  • The brain activity of a senseless person during operation can be checked by doing EEG.
  • Memory loss, sleeping disorder and epilepsy can be checked with the process of EEG. It helps a person to know the activity of his brain and follow proper treatment for positive results.

Safety of EEG

EEG is a perfectly safe process and free from any kind of side effects. Electrical fields do not interrupt normal brain activity. Moreover it’s a process which is painless and wouldn’t hurt a bit. Although you might feel a little heavy after the EEG process have been finished, it goes away in a couple of minutes.

Latest scientific inventions have made the world a much better place and opened a pathway to understand our own body from different perspective. EEG is such an invention that has earned its popularity because of its various branches of benefits. It has been rendering valuable service in many medical hospitals and clinics diagnosing patients properly and helping them to get the best treatment possible. It’s a fantastic way of finding out a particular problem without much hassle and can be done within a few minutes. The best thing about EEG is that it is totally risk free.